Golf Club Changing Room Refurbishment Guide

If you are planning a refurbishment of the golf club locker room or changing rooms you may find it helpful to address the following points:

If you already have wooden lockers:

Would a face lift replacing the wooden locker doors be sufficient ?

Are the locks and hinges in good working order ?

Is the changing room seating in sound condition, or would replacement seats brighten up the room ?

If you require new wooden lockers:

If you would like to install wooden lockers a full refurbishment may be needed and a great opportunity arises to create the perfect facility.

When the decision has been made to carry out a full refurbishment of a changing room it is worth considering many aspects otherwise an opportunity to improve the operational efficiency and ambiance could be wasted. Without a little thought it is easy to replicate the shortcomings that may be present in the current format.

Could the existing locker foot print be improved to reduce bottlenecks and improve traffic flow? If no improvements can be made, go ahead and replace the lockers like for like with new ones. If the answer is yes, consider the following points otherwise you may have lost an opportunity to transform your facilities and remove those unsatisfactory aspects that you and your clients have lived with in the past.

The lockers and seating are only a part of the changing room, how does the Washroom cubicles and shower look? Would these areas benefit from a refurbishment?

Changing room floors:

Is the existing floor in good condition or will it need retiling ?

Are the locker plinths part of the floor i.e. made of concrete and tiled ?

Will the floor be replaced ? If not, any existing solid plinths will prevent improving the layout. If one of the objectives was to improve the floor plan this additional work will need to be carried out.

Changing room requirements: male locker room

Asking yourself these questions will help you to plan your new changing room:

What type male cahnging roomof facility do you require?

Will it be a changing room or will it be a traditional locker room with golf club storage lockers ?

Do your visitors and societies share the members changing rooms ?

How many visitors do you have at any one time ?

Are the lockers the right size and configuration ?

Do you have too many or two few lockers ?

Do you want seats in front of the lockers or freestanding seats ?

Do you need changing cubicles ?

Do you conform with the DDA ?

Would you benefit from mirrors or vanity units within the changing area ?

Would towel shelves and dirty towel drop bins be a good idea ?

How about introducing a television to the changing room ?

Do I need a product display cabinet ?

Lockers and furnishings
Once you have made a wish list of the changing room requirements listed above, why not prioritise them in case your budget restraint forces some compromise.

Locker room Layout
Create traffic flows, imagine where people will enter and where will they go when they are in the changing room. This will help you to plan a fully functional locker or changing room with improved ergonomics.

Changing room Ceilings
Are the ceilings in good condition and only need decorating or would a new suspended ceiling throughout cover up all those cracks and peeling paint ? Suspended ceilings can be inexpensive and designed to house lighting and heating units within the grids helping to improve the comfort of the room.

Is the lighting low energy, low maintenance and adequate ?

If you change the locker layout foot print will the lighting be in the aisles and not over the lockers ?

If a suspended ceiling is fitted, the lighting units can be positioned easily in the right places.

Is the ventilation satisfactory or is the atmosphere unpleasant? If so consider installing an energy efficient air conditioning / heating unit within the grid of a new suspended ceiling.

Are there any windows in your changing room ? are they high level, do they open, what function do they serve? Are they a security risk?

In some changing room refurbishments windows have been covered up by lockers and additional lighting and ventilation was installed with great results.

Under floor heating will help keep the floors dry in the wet areas. A combination of under floor heating and modern air handling systems is the ideal solution. However if there is old large bore single system pipe work which cannot be economically removed the lockers and seating can be adapted to deal with this. If there is a small bore system, standard 300mm height radiators can be located under the locker seating

Locking System
Even if the existing locker locking system meets with your current requirements look at the alternatives that are available. Locks are not easy to retrofit if you change your mind and money will be wasted.

Consider new shower and WC cubicles together with new hand basins in vanity units, plan and budget for these all at the same time.




A full refurbishment is not only an opportunity to freshen up the facilities, it is an opportunity to create changing rooms that will remove existing problems and provide an environment that your members will enjoy for years and will protect your capital expenditure.
Replicating what is there will only replicate any existing problems and an opportunity will be lost. Don’t forget - the changing room is the first place your members will see after the reception area and the last place before the reception area when leaving. Make sure they are equal to and compliment the rest of the facilities.

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